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Industrial machine manufacturers

You need functional, reliable machines to work better. Perhaps you have a clear idea in mind of what you would need but don’t know how to bring it to life. HMI Agotec turns your idea into the functional machine you need for your industry.



You want to ensure your business has functional, high-performing, and reliable machinery.

You need it as soon as possible without having to wait for months if you need support.

HMI Agotec Software and Hardware Services


Aluminium and PVC

We develop customized software for finishing aluminum, steel, and iron profile machining centers.

stone processing closeup , infrared ray electric column  bridge style cutting machine


We develop customized software for finishing marble profile machining centers.

Circular saw miter saw photographed in the workshop atmosphere.


We develop customized software for finishing wooden profile machining centers with 3, 4, or 5 interpolated axes.


Pellet and Manipulation

We develop customized turnkeyplantsfor palletizing, manipulation, machining, welding, and assembly systems.



We develop customized software for making and finishing glass profile machining centers.

Bending sheet metal with a hydraulic bending machine at the factory.

Metal Forming

We develop customized software for cutting lines and press breaker plants.

Thanks to RetroFit, you can give your old machinery a new life.

Times change, technology evolves, and our needs constantly change.

If your machinery is feeling the weight of time and you feel the need to change it with the most modern solution, RetroFit by HMI Agotec is the service you are looking for.

RetroFit renovates your machinery to let you:

  • Save money and time
  • Enjoy renewed hardware
  • Have updated machinery
  • Enjoy a like-new system
  • Guaranteed HMI Agotec support

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The HMI Agotec Turnkey System guarantees you a personalized, on-time project with no nasty surprises

We can realize your personalized project with our next-generation systems. The HMI Agotec Turnkey System is our 6-step system that lets you:

  • Save operating and realization costs
  • Rely on fast realization and guaranteed delivery times
  • Entrust a single supplier that manages software, hardware, and support

How does the HMI Agotec Turnkey System work?

  • Step 1.

    Examination and problem analysis

  • Step 2.

    Hardware selection

  • Step 3.

    Software personalization and realization

  • Step 4.

    HMI Agotec testing

  • Step 5.

    Client testing

  • Step 6.

    Post-sale and support service

Thanks to the HMI Agotec Concierge Support, you can work with no worries

Do you know what having trouble with your machinery means? It means losing time, clients, and money. It’s understandable if you worry about having the slightest problem with your plant’s function or delivery.

The HMI Agotec Concierge Support is the service we developed to let you work with no worries and let you:

  • Know how to solve any problems on time, without having to open tickets or deal with autoresponders. You will have real people ready to solve your problem at your disposal.
  • Focus on your work and not on the problems that might occur. Thanks to our fast support, you are guaranteed a quick solution if something does not work as it should.
  • Rely on a functional, tailor-made system for your business needs. Imagine how it would be nice to enjoy peace of mind, knowing you have aspecialized technician always available to answer your questions.
Smiling male business consultant with headphones sitting at modern office, video call looking at laptop screen. Man customer service support agent helpline talking online chat

The HMI Agotec Concierge Support provides you with a technician who will assist you whenever you need:

  • Without tickets
  • Without autoresponders
  • Guaranteeing a fast answer

You will work better, sleep soundly, and be sure to provide your customers with impeccable service.


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If you have an idea, we will help you shape it thanks to HMI Agotec ’s next-generation system that will provide you with a personalized solution to work better and faster.

The HMI Agotec Turnkey System is structured in 6 simple steps to guarantee you and your business the required machinery and software to give your customers exactly what they need.

TheHMI Agotec Concierge Support provides a specialized, dedicated technician that will always be ready to intervene and help you fix it.

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